Friday, 29 June 2012

Chasing birds and collecting gravel

What is it about toddlers? I took Faith out this afternoon to the local nature reserve for lunch and a walk. While we were walking she kept stopping to pick gravel up off the path and show it to me.  Admittedly, as far as gravel goes, it was pretty and sparkled when the light hit it, but do we really need to put handfuls of the stuff in my bag to show daddy?!

When she was bored of the gravel she noticed to two birds that hand been walking on the path a little ahead of us for a few minutes.  As soon as she saw them she just had to Chase them.  She did this a few times during the walk.

Then we went to a park and the gravel investigation began again only this time she enlisted the services of another little boy to help her in her quest. It was so cute to watch them follow each other around, and when they had finished playing together he ran across the park to give me more gravel! So generous!

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