Sunday, 17 June 2012

Step back in time

This is my latest make.  Mum dragged the bloke and I to a 1940s night with her friends.  I have spent the week furiously stitching this spotty top and matching headband (which she didn't wear) from a pattern from Mrs Depew.  The pattern calls for bias binding around the edges, but I like the look of the darker piping, and its not bad for a first attempt at it if I do say so myself!

I finally got it finished at 3 o'clock on Saturday (3 hours before we had to leave). I just wish she would let me fit it properly - she insists on having clothing a bit baggy.

I went in a top my gran knitted in the 40s and my skirt is the first thing I sewed (never sure if that's the right word, it just looks and sounds wrong!).  I hink I probably looked in the mirror more times that night than in the rest of my life put together (me, exagerate? Never!).  I had horrible visions of red lipstic smeared all o ver my face and I'm pretty sure the bloke was getting a wee bit annoyed with my constant requests of "lipstick check".

It was nice to get dressed up and it was a great night for people watching, and had the most non-comedian I have ever seen - honestly, I was expecting the tumbleweed to actually roll past at any minute!

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