Saturday, 28 July 2012


You know those days where you just don't get a thing done, despite constantly doing stuff?  Well this is one of those weeks.

I set myself a challenge to use up all the fabric I have stashed around the house and am determined that I will use some of it to make clothes for Faith and I for our holiday in 5 weeks (yay!).  Well, when I've tried to sit down and get things started I've been distracted by having to sort out meal plans for the bloke's low carb diet for his upcoming fight, I've pinted patterns that I just can't get to fit together properly.  Last night I gave up and just cut the pattern paper (something I hate doing) but then realised that the two fabrics I had planned to use don't quite match.  Gave up on that and started planning a playsuit for Faith but remembered that for once I had actually put all the washing away straight away and hadn't got any of her clothes downstairs to use as templates, decided to practice some smocking instead and lo and behold I don't have any needles big enough for the elastic thread to go through!

I felt so frustrated and disappointed that I actually watched TOWIE to make me feel a bit better.  Don't get me wrong, I love watching bad TV - Four Weddings, Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, Jeremy Kyle - but my word that programme takes the biscuit, absolutely terrible.  Definitely had the desired effect though!

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