Monday, 2 July 2012

This is the one, this is the one...

I went to see the Stone Roses at Heaton Park with the bloke yesterday, it was AWESOME!

We got to Manchester at half 9, queued from 12, gates opened at 3 and we got to the stage straight away and stayed there, in the centre, until 10.  The bloke was shocked I lasted so long - it was my first concert and when the roses came on there was a massive surge of people trying to get as close as possible.  After a while though the awesomeness of being so packed in wears off and turns into pain so we got out ( I was pretty impressed by the bloke - in spite of the crush, he somehow managed to push people back to clear a space for me to get out!) and went to have a more civilised time dancing and just enjoying the last hour rather than having to try as hard as possible to keep your spot, stay standing and find a tiny bit of space to breath. 

How many people can say their first concert was a Roses one? 

So, at my first concert I:

  • Was centre front for most of it
  • Was nearly the cause of a fight (some bloke grabbed my bum - Stuart was NOT happy)
  • Danced sober without caring about people looking (another first)

The whole day was incredible, I just wish I could have lasted the whole set in the mosh pit

Now I've just got to plan the next gig...

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