Friday, 10 August 2012

Mobile sewing

When Stuart bought me a Singer 127 for Christmas last year, I was over the moon - I have spent years coveting old sewing machines, dreaming of owning one.  It honestly is the best present he has ever bought me.  So why have I let it sit in the corner of the kitchen for so many months doing nothing?  Well, because it was a pain in the backside to lug out every time I wanted to do a bit of sewing, and I just could not get the hang of getting the shuttle set up properly.  The past couple of weeks, however I have had it set up on mum's kitchen table and have made Faith's shirred dress and am in the process of making a dress for me.  I now thread the machine almost without thinking, including the shuttle that has caused so much frustration and have even stopped automatically going for the foot pedal when I start sewing a new seam (seriously, after using it for an hour you'd think I would remember that THERE IS NO FOOT PEDAL!).

I am now even more in love with the thing than when I first got it.  I though it would be a bit of a ball ache making whole garments with it, especially adult ones, but I much prefer it to my modern one.  Its just so easy and reliable, and I feel more in control of it - I have a tendency to speed up way too much on my Brother just do get it done quicker, unfortunately the results are rather wobbly.

Anyway, the point of this post was that it is so nice to be able to take my sewing outside to take advantage of the lovely sunshine.  If only it were like this all summer!

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