Sunday, 14 October 2012

Alma blouse

I have coveted this blouse pattern since Tasia put it on her blog and finally took the plunge when she had her moving sale.  When Gran gave me all that fabric last week I knew the instant I saw one of the pieces that it would be an Alma blouse.  And now it is.

I don't really know how to adjust patterns properly yet (I will do though) so I just made the darts a bit wider to make it fit better - I much prefer more fitted tops than the semi fitted style of the Alma.  This worked perfectly on the muslin, but the fashion fabric is a bit less sturdy.  Unfortunately it pulls a bit, making me look like I'm trying to squeeze myself into a too tight top.  I thought that the long sleeves would be too much floral and would make the top a bit mumsy, so I went with the cap sleeves instead.  I need to adjust them somehow though - they're too boxy for me.

The problem I have with these fitting issues is that if I take the stitching of the darts and sleeves out, it will leave needle holes in my top and I think that would look worse than the pulling, so I'm just going to have to live with it.

The gorgeous fabric was given to me by my Gran.  That in itself is a massive plus point, but add to that the fact that not only does it come from my Gran's stash, but she acquired it from her mother, who bought it on her travels back in the day from (she thinks) India.  So, not only a beautiful fabric, but a piece of family history!

I am adding this to my list of patterns to be altered and re-attempted because I do love the style of it, I just need to try my adjustments again.

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