Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Inconsiderate bands...

I just wanted to have a mini rant about musicians' scheduling failures:

Ian Brown is releasing a limited edition collection of his solo stuff (only 1,000 being pressed) so Stuart and I decided to buy it (he is a massive fan after all and you should have seen his face lighting up at the mere mention of an Ian Brown collection, never mind all the bits that come with it!).  So there we were, happy and excited about buying something we will both treasure for a long time as well as buying something purely for the joy of owning it (something that happens more infrequently than him getting up with Faith during the night, but that's another story...).

Then the Stone Roses only go and announce 3 new UK dates next June in Finsbury Park and Glasgow Green, the setting for reputedly one of their best ever performances.  Woohoo... or not as the case may be.  The tickets go on sale on this Friday, right after we've spent £150 on the Ian Brown stuff and 2 weeks before Stuart gets paid.  Now, if it was just the two of us I would happily starve for the next two weeks if it means tickets to see them again, but I can't really starve Faith for 2 weeks - the tantrums would be more hassle than it was worth!!

So, I shall just have to console myself with youtube instead...

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