Sunday, 28 October 2012

My baby's 3!

It doesn't seem quite right, but its true, I have a 3 year old daughter.  Doesn't seem that long ago that I went to bed fed up of being pregnant to be woken up by the onset of labour.  Its funny the things one person remembers and how quickly it all comes back once mentioned - Stuart was telling everyone how he remembered her first night out of the hospital.  We were staying at my Gran's while our house was being redecorated and put Faith to sleep in her moses basket between the twin beds we were sleeping in.  Stuart suddenly started panicking about it - what if we fall out of bed onto her during the night?  Yeah, stuart - when was the last time you fell out of bed?!

I had completely forgotten about that until he mentioned it, but I remember laughing about it now.

We had a lovely but very busy day.  We spent the morning at soft play with her friends, the afternoon with my Dad and had dinner with my Mum.  She was loving all the attention and presents, and I loved watching everyone doting on her and beng so relaxed and happy (my Dad even talked me through the family tree he's been researching for the past couple of years - something he's never don before).  Only problem is my living now looks like a branch of Toys R Us.

Itried to get some pictures of everyone before leaving each place, but they all came out terrible - my family always look so awkward in front of a camera and Stuart is apparentl the world's worst photographer - he took 5 pictures with our friends in the morning and there is not one of them without a balloon in front of Dee's face!

I need to put together a list of photos to take on birthdays in future - I was so busy enjoying the day, I only got awkward staged shots, didn't even get one of her with the cake Dad bought.

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