Sunday, 18 November 2012

A Negroni for Helen: Part 1

After the coat muslin fiasco I'm going all out with my muslins now.   I've just finished the Negroni muslin for my sister and have done a fitting.  I've never sewn a Collette pattern before and I got myself a bit confused with the instructions in places but I got through it and I like the stlye and construcion of it - it was pretty simple once I got my head round the instructions. 

I was expecting to have to do a lot of adjustments to get the fit right for Helen (it is a mens pattern afterall) but she doesn't like things too fitted anyway so all I need to do is add a bit of length and add some extra buttons as well as epaulettes.

Won't be able to actually make it until we get a chance o go fabric shopping though which isn't easy as she works full-time and weekends are difficult for me.  We'll get there though.

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