Thursday, 15 November 2012

Exciting happenings

Well, there are lots of things occurring chez Smith at the moment.

Stuart is letting me turn a corner of the living room into my very own slice of heaven - I'm getting a sewing corner!  I can't tell you how excited I am about this - I've started a little Pinterest board dedicated to my plans and I have never been on the Ikea website so much in my life.  He got a gift voucher from work for 7 years service which he is using to buy me a desk (I had already decided on a small £10 desk that would do for keeping my machine on but he decided it wasn't big enough so is spending the whole voucher on one) and has said that he will redecorate the living room and that I can have whatever I want for my little corner.

Also, aside fro the occassional dress for Faith and one top for Mum, the only things I sew are for myself because I don't think I'm good enough to sew for other people.  Well, that is all changing too: my Dad and step-Mum were amazed when they realised I had made my coat myself (I've only been wearing it about 6 months!) and my sister told Dad that I was making her a shirt - he now wants me to make some shirts for him too!

Unfortunately that means I'm going to have to start getting really disciplined with my sewing - no more getting fed up of something half way through sewing.  It also means I am now getting a rather long to do list, so I figured I would alternate making things for me and others:
  1. Helen's Negroni shirt
  2. Finish my Thurlow trousers
  3. Stuart's Negroni
  4. Make myself a waterproof Minoru ready for summer gigs
  5. Dad's shirts
  6. My Crepe dress
  7. Stuart's Minoru
That should mean that I will have plenty to blog about over the coming months

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