Sunday, 23 December 2012

A top for Faith

I got a voucher for Saints and Pinners from my Mum's cousin last Christmas and had been reminded that I still hadn't used it (long story) a couple of weeks ago.  Said cousin is coming down to see us all tomorrow so I bought some fabric and set about making something so she could see that I was actually grateful for the gift (luckily it was delivered very quickly!).

I don't really do patchwork so fat quarters aren't really that much use to me so I opted for a metre of a few fabrics.  The pattern was 'The O Tunic' which I found in one of my books, 101 Fabric-by-Fabric Ways to Sew a Metre, which was perfect as all it needed was a metre of fabric, thread and a button, all of which I already had.  That never happens!

The only problem I have when making Faith clothing is that when I measure her she spends the next hour measuring me, which is fine when I've got plenty of time to make it but not when I only have one night!

While I cut the paper pattern and the fabric, she sat on the floor next to me cutting her own paper and fabric,  then passed me pins when I needed them.

I love the effect of the white eyes (on the bears!) - from a distance they really pop

I couldn't find my buttonhole foot, so I just made a mini welt pocket-style buttonhole (I don't know if they are technically the same as bound buttonholes or not) because I know how to do those (sort of) and I didn't have time to learn anything new.  That said, I don't think I've done too badly considering it was a bit of a rush job.  I'll just have to finish the seams properly before I wash it.

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