Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Capsule wardrobe

I've hit my first stumbling block of 2013 - I was sure I had some interfacing for my Thurlow trousers but I can't find it anywhere so I've been waiting to get some more since last week.  Problem is, I hate waistbands at the best of times, so when I've had a few days of from doing it, I just can't be bothered with it.  I went out to get the interfacing tonight so I WILL do it tomorrow. I will.  Honestly.

So in the mean time, I mentioned last time about wanting to make a capsule wardrobe.  It's all well and good making gorgeous clothes except when you can't wear them because your wardrobe is full of stuff that doesn't fit, doesn't flatter and doesn't go with anything else.  So, I am taking back my wardrobe.

This year I am getting rid of all the crap and starting fresh (sort of).

I figured that I don't have to get rid of everything - even the stuff that doesn't go with anything.  All I need to do is get together a few basics (sewn and bought) in neutral colours that I can match with the rest of my clothes.  I'm going with navy, grey and oatmeal and this is what I'm aiming for:

1 x jeans
2 x trousers
2 x skirts
1 x sweater
1 x cardigan
2 x plain tops/t-shirts
2 x shirts
2 x camisoles
2 x dresses
2 x jackets
1 x coat

With everything I want to do this year and my lack of money, I'm not looking to get all this done very soon, I'll just be happy if I get somewhere near the full list by the end of the year and the Thurlows I'm working on will be the first to tick of the list.

Hmm, the past few posts have been very admin-y, but I will have something more interesting to show you soon.  I've not even been able to go out with Faith for a week as she's not been feeling well, but she's much better now.  I'll have to take her somewhere pretty to take photos!

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