Sunday, 13 January 2013

The Thurlows

Well, I finally got round to cutting out the interfacing or the waistband, only to realise I had cut the right waistband fabric piece wrong so re-did that, got both waistbands sewn to their lining, understitched, trim, pressed and the left waistband sewn onto the trousers.  Then I went to do the right waistband and it was still wrong.  The lining would be on the outside of the trousers with the fabric on the inside.

After more re-cutting and sewing I managed to get myself sorted out and both waistbands on the trousers ad try them on to decide where the centre back seam needed to be.  For some reason the front is a bit baggy (I'm sure it wasn't on my muslin) and after all the fuss I just wanted to get the trousers done, so the rest of the finishing is a bit of a botch job.

I didn't bother pressing the waistband lining seam allowance under and seen as I had already overlocked it, I just sewed it down as it was.  The centre back bulges a bit and its not the best piece of hemming I've ever done, but the point is it IS done and they are wearable and most of my tops sit over my hips anyway so the back isn't going to be much of an issue.

Anyway, I thought that with all the things that had gone wrong with them, if I didn't wear the trousers straight away they would end u in the back of the wardrobe never to see the light of day.  So I wore them to work today.  Hmm.

They kept falling pretty low on my hips and I was constantly pulling them back up.  And I didn't realise how often I put my hands in my back pockets, something I can't do on these ones because there's not enough of them.

Excuse the bum photo, but it shows the pulling at the centre back.
Also, I didn't realise I had one of Faith's stickers on my bum - you'd think Stuart would have told me!

So, I just need to sort out the fitting issues at the waistband and crotch area, and make the back pockets a bit deeper next time I make some, which I will be doing - they are nice trousers and will still wear these ones.

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