Saturday, 23 February 2013

A car seat cover

A couple of weeks ago my Dad asked if I could make a cover for the passenger seat in their new car as one of their dogs sit in the footwell.

Well, of course I could.  And guess what - I didn't mess it up!

It needed to be hard wearing so when I stumbled across some garbardine in the local shop I picked up a couple of metres along with a Primark shower curtain.

It was quite a nice little project to do - I got to use my Singer 128 which I haven't done for months AND I oiled it for the first time.  Turns out its pretty easy to do, now I just have to do my Brother machine.

I know it doesn't really warrant a photo, but I can't really do a post about it then not show you what it looks like.  And sorry about the rubbish photo - I didn't want my step-mum to think I was mental for taking a load of photos for what it basically a sheet!  So, here it is:

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