Monday, 1 April 2013

A confession

This is going to be painful, but it needs to be done....

I'm turning into my mother.


I felt it happening at before Christmas - instead of being irritated when all the shops started getting their Christmas stuff out, I found myself thinking 'ooh, I better start getting things sorted'.  As if that wasn't bad enough, Easter took it to the next level.

I went to the shop last week to get a few bits to do some baking with Faith with and then I came across the seasonal aisle...

They had an Easter egg hunt kit.  Now, an Easter egg hunt is not something I have ever remotely considered doing for Faith, but for some reason seeing this got me thinking about doing one for her.  And then I went a bit mad and spent a bit too much money buying things to hide (we don't give her much chocolate so she just gets one egg).  I even made her an Easter bonnet:


She gets the poser gene from her Dad!

Anyway, hope everyone had a good Easter, I'm off to scoff some chocolate.

Disclaimer:  My Mum is great and I do love her very much, I just don't want to be her

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