Sunday, 21 April 2013

A Negroni for Helen: Part 3

I actually finished the shirt back in April but realised this morning that the post was still marked as a draft.

The original post I drafted was going to tell you all about how proud I was of getting it finished and it turned out despite not really knowing what I was doing and having to give the seam ripper more of a workout than it has ever had before. But then I gave it to Helen and demanded photos of her wearing it. We quickly decided it was actually just the second muslin and that I would try again.

I was gutted it didn't fit properly but it serves me right for not doing another muslin to check the changes we decided on. The actual body of the shirt is fine aft making the original alterations but I need to move the pockets, shorten the sleeves a bit and shorten the shoulder. Its all going to have to wait though because I used up all the fabric we bought for it and the car has broken so until thats fixed I can't justify spending any(more) money on fabric. She said she doesn't need it until September anyway so there's plenty of time.

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