Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Another Alma blouse

On another illicit trip to the fabric shop I picked up some very un-me fabric.  Before I show you it, I just want to make clear that I actually did pretty well - I walked past the owl print georgette and the weird black and white photo jersey with 1940s women on it and just bought some elephant print stuff.

I knew that I had to make something with it that night or it would end up in the box of doom where all the unused fabrics I buy end up for all eternity, and I knew that it had to be an Alma blouse.

I did the same neckline as the first one but used the slightly longer sleeves and didn't take the darts in quite so much but I think I should have taken them in a bit more because its a bit too loose for my liking and I think it makes me look like a bit of an elephant.  That said though, I do like it.

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