Sunday, 19 May 2013

Me Made May Week 3

Well, I'm over halfway through the month and it is getting tough.  I think I have won most of my me made clothes once now so we're onto repeats and getting photos done is getting much harder.

Day 13
I had another bad day today - the only me made thing I wore was my Minoru.  I spent the day running to and from nursery, doing circuit training and writing an assignment

Day 14
I wore my second Cambie today

Day 15
I wore my red and gray Morticia skirt which I slit to make it easier to move in

Day 16
Second outing for the white and blue Renfrew

Day 17
I wore my elephant Alma for the second time (no photo)

Day 18
The stripy Cambie got its second outing

Day 19
And finally, today I wore my first Alma for the last time this month