Friday, 3 May 2013

Renfrew III

I put this top on this morning and realised I hadn't actually blogged about it since I made it a few weeks ago so here goes.

It's my third Renfrew (I now have one of each neckline option).  I think that if I hadn't have made this in one of my 'got to make something' moods it would definitely be my favourite.  I live in jersey tops most of the time, and I have a bit of a thing for stripes so when I saw this fabric in Boyes of all places I had to have it.

Unfortunately my 'got to make something' mood kicked in around 10 o'clock one night after a lot of studying so I was already pretty worn out, and the overlocker wasn't playing fair again - for some reason it doesn't like me putting the left needle in and ends up catching the thread through the right needle stitch making a double loop on he back of the fabric if that makes sense.  Anyway, I've now worked out how to sort it out (I think) but that night I wasn't in the mood to be messing round and getting frustrated with it so I just whipped it out and wizzed through the construction with a 3 thread overlock.  'Wizz' being the operative word.  I didn't read the instruction for the neckband and messed it up, as well as catching part of the front piece in with it.  Doh!

It's annoying, but nothing that will put me off wearing it.  I'm actually pretty impressed with the top as a whole.  Yes it has fit issues, but look at the stripes - they match pretty well don't they?  Not bad considering the frantic rush I was cutting and sewing in.

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