Monday, 27 May 2013

Wibbly wobbly tree Clovers

"What do you think of Mummy's trousers?"

"Not good."

"What don't you like about them?"

"They're all wibbly wobbly with trees inside."

Fair point.

I recently got my first pair of skinny jeans and fell in love with them and when you love something why not make it yourself, right?  Wrong.  

After lots of searching for other peoples' versions of them and convincing myself that they would look alright, I bought the Clover pattern and some fabric from eBay.  I was a bit surprised when the fabric arrived because I had thought the print was a bit smaller and more subtle from the photo but I still liked it (even if Faith doesn't agree). 

I didn't have any suitable fabric to make a muslin with so I just used some cotton to get the general fit.  I took the legs in A LOT, maybe a bit too much towards the bottom.  Then I started making them up in my fabric, thinking that it would be a good wearable muslin because let's face it, the chances of me wearing printed trousers in public are pretty slim.  I would love to but don't have the confidence to pull it off.

The trousers went together really easily and would be great if I hadn't done the size that the pattern said I needed.  I think the fabric had a bit more stretch than perhaps is needed for the pattern - I look like a Weight Watchers advert in them!

Next time I'll try making them a couple of sizes smaller, and I'll try and get the zip right - it was the first zip I have put on with my newly acquired invisible zip foot and the sewing bit wasn't a problem, I was.  I don't have a problem telling my left from my right, except while I'm sewing something.  I was sure I had the zip on the left but it turns out it wasn't so I had to redo my facing to match.

Anyway, they're comfy and rather than being stuck on the turned-out-crap pile, they are now my first slobbing around the house trousers.


  1. I think they are rather great myself! Printed trousers are very on trend right now and you might be surprised how quickly you may get over your shyness about wearing them in public once you just go ahead and do it! You do look fab in them!

    1. Thank you, I know that if I saw someone else wearing them I'd probably like them. Its just the fact that they're so out of my comfort zone but I mit give them another go this week after I've taken them in a bit - they need to lose at least a few inches from the waist