Thursday, 1 August 2013

Getting back my mojo

My sewing mojo has been MIA recently. After finishing my essay (which I got got a decent pass for) I started on my Bonny top. I got the fabric cut out and two seams serged before I gave up and shoved it in a drawer to come back to when I would do it properly. I then cut out the fabric for some Burda shorts and added that to the drawer. I got the pattern pieces for some Thurlow shorts ready then put them away and spent the next week playing jigsaws on my ipad and wishing I could get back into my sewing.

Rachel's recent post about getting your sewjo back couldn't have come at a better time for me. In fact, that night I made this little number.

I used what is quick becoming my go to skirt style and made a yoga skirt, this time though I made my first circle skirt. The thing I love about these yoga skirts is that they are so quick and easy. I think it took less than an hour from working out measurements to finishing it.

The fabric is some jersey I've had my eye on for ages but didn't think I could get away with wearing. Stuart surprised me by telling me I should buy it and another fabric that I've been eyeing up; he never likes anything I like so I had to buy them - this may never happen again!

I'm glad I did buy it - as soon as I stepped out the door this morning the next door neighbour complimented me on my skirt. Don't you love it when that happens!

I attempted the obligatory circle skirt twirl but I am apparently useless at twirling in heels!


  1. Thanks for the link to Rachel's post on "sewjo" ! I have had many times that I have lost mine. Glad to see you have yours back. Great skirt!Very flattering.

  2. Thanks Margo. I loved her post about it - so simple and obvious