Monday, 4 November 2013

I killed my Minoru

I've had to dig out my winter coat today, not because it's shockingly cold but because I've killed my Minoru a little bit. Or rather someone did - not sure if it was Mum washing it at the weekend, Faith pulling on it, or my shoddy sewing.

Faith was meant to be going to nursery this morning but after walking half way there with her screaming from the moment we left the house, countless final warnings about walking properly, and walking full stop, we had to turn round and come home. Needless to say, madam was not impressed and I had to carry her most of the way. As I was shifting her to my other side I heard the dreaded rip. I did briefly register that something had happened to the coat but had more pressing concerns, not least the people at the bus stop tutting and looking at me like I was the worst human being alive (thanks for that by the way bus stop people, I wasn't already feeling like a horrible mother at all before your glares!).

Anyway, the rip is at the back of the sleeve just above the armhole. I'm relieved it isn't a rip in the fabric, just the seam, so it's easily fixable but I'll have to unstitch some of the lining to fix it properly. Having spent most of the past week fixing things though, I'm really not in the mood to be sorting it out right now.

(After taking this crappy pic, I noticed a few otherplaces where the seams are breaking, so Faith's no longer a suspect!)

To make the day worse, Stuart's been sick and has got a chest pain, and Faith has been slumped on the sofa for most of the afternoon. Turns out she's ill, which is probably why she didn't feel like walking far this morning (kind of vindicates the bus stop peopke doesn't it - bad mummy!).

I was going to finish some projects and carry on with a muslin tonight but think I might cheer myself up with a new skirt instead.



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