Thursday, 5 December 2013

Matchy matchy

Back in October I bought a metre of Father Christmas fabric without knowing what I wanted it soon as Faith saw it though, she was adament that it was going to be a top for her. I dug out the pattern for the O tunic I made last year, but it is too small for her now so I had a look through the rest of my pattern stash and on Burda but couldn't find anything I liked.

Next port of call was Cali Faye Collection - I made the Coco Topcoat for her birthday but it ended up being too small for her even after making it a size bigger than the measurement guide suggests, so Mum gave it to a work friend with a slightly younger daughter. Anyway, I downloaded the Voila top which is a similar style to the O tunic and made it two sizes bigger (a size 6) and it fits alright size-wise. Faith is a bit taller than a lot of the kids in her nursery group but she's about the same widthwise, just something to bear in mind with these patterns. Result is she loves it, and it does look cute on her. I think with a few tweaks to the neckline and shoulders it will be fine. I might also take a bit of the fullness out of it too.

The fabric was quite wide so with some of the leftovers I made a coat for Nacho using this pattern. I used the pattern as is with a half inch seam allowance and it fits perfectly. He seems to like it too - he was very cooperative when I was putting it on him and pulled it over to his bed and snuggled with it afterwards!

I used to despise all those people who dressed their dogs up, but I'm now slightly concerned that I may be one if them. You see, I made the coat with good intentions - Nacho doesn't like the walking in the wind and I don't like walking in the rain with him because it ends up looking like I'm walking a rat, so I used some waterproof fleece I had leftover from making Caitlin's coat last year as the bottom layer of his coat to keep him warm and dry. But now I want to make loads of little coats for him - well its one way to use up all the scraps that are too good to throw away!

Unfortunately while I was searching for patterns for the coat I came upon a dog tacksuit and jokingly showed it to Stuart who immediately decided I had to make one. Yes people, my dog is going to be a chav!




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  1. Sally, adorable! Love the fabric. Maybe I'll make Little L and Bradley our cat matching items too! Samantha @createitsam !