Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Resolution recap

  1. This month I want to paint the living room and set up my sewing corner - check. Well, I didn't manage it in January, but Stuart painted in August and my desk was set up some time around March or April.
  2. I will do 3 modules for my degree with the Open University - I did 2, Human Nutrition and Death and Dying, and passed both of them. I've decided not to carry on my studies with the OU but who knows, I might go back to it one day.
  3. I will sew at least one item a month - check. I have sewn at least one thing a month all year, although some things haven't been blogged in the month I made them and some haven't been blogged at all.
  4. I will get the house organised and decluttered (a perpetual resolution!) - erm... moving on...
  5. I will take Faith somewhere new at least once a month - not managed this every month, we've been to some new and lots of her favourite places but time, money and travel arrangements have made this one difficult to do
  6. I will make sure Faith and I do something messy at least once a week (baking, painting, glueing, etc) - managed this most weeks
  7. I will take one photo a day and in the process will finally learn how to use my camera properly! - fail and fail.

So I managed to do half my list which is much better than I thought I would do. In fact, I thought that I would fail miserably at sewing one thing a month because of the courses and eveything else, but it turns out that I have blogged about 23 things I have made and I know there are at least four or five things I haven't blogged so I'm really happy about achieving that one in particular.

I'm going to carry on watching Harry Potter and hope my sewjo reappears tomorrow.

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