Thursday, 12 December 2013

The Hollywood glamour Georgia

This is my second By Hand London Georgia dress. I made it the same week that I made my first one but was saving it for going out. This, to me anyway, is a dress deserving of more interesting photos than in front of a brick wall before Stuart goes to work. I did get him to promise to take me for a cocktail drinking photo session in town one night then his work Christmas dinner was arranged for this weekend so I thought I'd wait for then. Stuart's insisting that wear the other one though, so this morning I sent him outside to get in position then I ran out, let him take a few photos then ran back in. Yeah, it was pretty cold.

I didn't do anything different to this one and the fabric was from my Gran's stash, she bought it to make a ballgown with but never got round to it. It is this fabric that I had in mind when the pattern was first released but then other fabric grabbed my attention.

It isn't normally this wrinkly but I was wearing the wrong bra and had to hitch the dress up to cover it.

Since finishing this one I have made another with the wide straps but I've been ill and for some reason decided that while I couldn't sit at the sewing machine I would finish the skirt seams by hand and it's taking forever.


  1. Your gran has great taste - the fabric is beautiful! Can't wait to see your wide strap version also!

  2. Thanks, my Gran is pretty awesome!

  3. It looks amazing, I really like the Georgia pattern and that fabric is gorgeous!