Saturday, 28 December 2013

Top 5 of 2013: Hits

Today I'm moving onto my Top 5 Hits of the year. It's been quite difficult to pick these because a lot of my makes have been hits this year but here they are.

I haven't worn this properly yet, but I did do some sewing in it the other week. Is that weird?!
#4 Gran's skirt
This is one I didn't blog. Gran's friend gave her some fabric and she asked if I would make a skirt and waistcoat with it for her. I still haven't done the waistcoat but she has worn the skirt for every special occasion since I made it.
This is the cardigan I made for Mum's birthday. She wears it a lot and says that she gets compliments every time she does.

Despite only making it half way through the year and it endi up on the mosses as well, this is the most worn item of the year and one of my most loved.
Self explanatory.



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  1. Lovely fabric choices for your Georgias. I recently made my Mom a skirt and just like your Gran she wears it to all special occasions!