Friday, 27 December 2013

Top 5 of 2013: the misses

When Gillian posted about this year's Top 5 I knew I had to join in. I was going to start posting before Christmas but present making stress followed by the relief of not having to do anything meant that I have hardly been on anything at all; I've had an unintentional technology free Christmas.

I don't want to go into the new year on a downer, so I'm getting the misses out of the way first, then positivity can reign.


#5 The elephant Alma blouse

I made this during Me Made May and while its wearable, I think it has to be one of the misses - I have hardly worn (maybe twice) because it washes me out.

#4 The Thurlows

These were a nightmare during sewing and I think it shows - there are things I should have fixed or noticed about them but because I just wanted them done I didn't. They fall down over my hips when I move, the crotch is too long, the back waistband is a bit off. I rally wanted to love these but I've got some work to do if I make another pair.

#3 Minoru II

I adore my second Minoru, it has some vey happy memories attached to it and it was the most worn item of the year, but it died on me and I haven't forgiven it or myself for that yet.

#2 The Clovers

These were taken in loads and they are still too baggy in weird places. I would't say they were a complete disaster - the more I look at the photos of them the more I like them, I just have to sort out the fitting issues.

#1 Jacqui's coat

It was my step-mum's birthday in September and I had intended to make her a coat. It is still waiting to be done. I think I have got some fabric that will look good now (this is the third fabric I've bought for the coat) but now I need new lining fabric, a matching zip and the time to do it.

As misses go, I don't think mine are too bad; I struggled to pick 5 things I could add to this list because although things haven't turned out s I'd hoped they would, I feel like I've learned from them.


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