Sunday, 9 February 2014

My first foray into crochet

At the start of January, the lovely people at Homecrafts UK gave me this salvage yarn in the goody bag from the blogger meetup I went to in Nottingham. Since then I have been watching videos on youtube to try and teach myself how to crochet. I did start learning with the yarn but soon realised it would be easier to practice on 'normal' yarn first while I got used to how to do the stitches and what they should look like. To start with I just wanted to learned the stitches I would need for what I wanted to make and then never crochet again, but the more I practiced the more I enjoyed it and the more relaxing it became.

I tried to follow the shopping bag pattern that came with the yarn but it confused me too much to care about working it out, so I decided to make myself a thread bin to sit next to my machine because at the moment I use whatever I have to hand, normally a plastic bag or a bottle. I also decided to make it easy on myself and make 5 squares of crochet that I could stitch together to make a box using the dishcloth tutorial on one of the videos I had been watching. What I didn't think about though is that the 30 chains I made would be considerably bigger than the 30 chains the lady on the video made with her smaller hook and thinner yarn. I ended up with one very long rectangle and made a circle to go on the bottom of it which my Gran then attached for me. It still needs a lining to make it fit for purpose, but at the moment it is holding the wool my Gran gave me to practice with.

There was some yarn left over which I managed to just squeeze a pen pot out of, which I did in the same way and even attached the bottom myself. They may be a bit wonky but I'm very proud of my first attempt. In fact I was so proud, and enjoyed making them so much, that I might have gone a bit mad and bought these:

Should keep me busy for a while!



  1. Wow, you will be busy! Cute pots.

  2. Very cute and I like the colour. I find crochet more forgiving than knitting when I make a mistake - easier to undo and one stitch to find!