Friday, 16 May 2014

Me Made May Week 2

I've been terrible with photos this week, not helped by the fact that I misplaced my memory card and reader.


Day 8

No me made today. I woke up feeling rubbish and had to do some cleaning for a viewing and seen as I don't have any slob out me mades, I threw on some rtw. It did spur me on to make some leggings for the next time I feel like that though, so its ok.


Day 9

Friday's theme was blue so I wore my Mission Maxi and a rtw cardigan


Day 10

I wore my new leggings (from day 8) and a Renfrew tunic (both unblogged and unphotographed)


Day 11

Renfrew top and Vogue skirt. I didn't get chance to photograph my outfit in the morning and then the heavens opened and I got drenched, so no photo. Again.


Day 12

Alma blouse and maxi skirt. This is a top I hardly ever wear (propbably because I can't be bothered to iron it) but every time I do wear it I remember how much I love it.


Day 13

Felt pretty rough so slipped on my striped Cambie again as it is one of my comfiest and planted myself on the sofa for the day


Day 14

Apple print wrap dress. Ended up having to attach a safety pin to the skirt to stop the wind revealing too much!


I did start to finish a WIP this week but didn't. My Clovers have been in my sorting out pile since I made them (they need some fitting adjustments) but when I started sorting them out I realised that I just don't care enough to do it. I do really like them in theory but I've stopped wearing trousers and have no inclination to finish them when I know I'm not going to wear them. I did take the zip off to use for a new skirt, so it hasn't been a complete waste.


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