Saturday, 31 May 2014

Me Made May week 4 and a bit

Day 22

Maxi skirt and last week's WIP. It's a Renfrew I cut out ages ago but never got round to sewing it, no idea why not - I finished it in next to no time last night.



Day 23

No me mades today



Day 24

Star print wrap dress



Day 25

My first Renfrew (unblogged) and Flora skirt



Day 26

Apple print wrap dress



Day 27

I wore my Flora dress for a trip to Nottingham with Stuart



Day 28

Striped Cambie



Day 29

Georgia dress and rtw cardigan. Until now I had thought of this dress as more of an evening dress rather than everyday wear but after getting behind on all the washing this was pretty much my only option. It's a bit more boobage than I feel comfortable revealing on just a normal day, but the cardigan helped make me feel not quite so exposed so it will be going into a more regular rotation from now on. Stuart moans when I haven't done the washing for a while but I think this proves that it isn't necessarily a bad thing!



Day 30

Striped Cambie again



Day 31

Renfrew tunic and GBSB leggings


No WIP this week as my machine needs a service. And that's that for me made may this year, its not been as difficult as I thought it would be. Round up post coming up.

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